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Please give me your feedsbacks!!1


It's Very Cool.
*Great* idea. Thank you for putting this site up and filling a need that has been there for a long time!
Yay! Thanks!!1
It's a neat idea, but it is important to have a tag cloud for each module posted here and for the main page to have a tag cloud...

Very nice website design. Very modern. Very good response time. Is the source code available to look at?
Thank you for your feedback!

- I think some structuration is needed, too. There have been only 30 or so modules yet. It's not time I introduce something like tag cloud, search form, etc. But it must be needed in near future, and I'll implemente suchlike things!
- I'm planning to push the source code of this site itself to GitHub!
Great! Your initiation to make perl modules better and Fine tuned is inspiring.
my personal opinion is that the Good and Bad of perl is it having many modules for doing Same tasks, where people are just getting confuse to pick right one.
Seems like a mighty fine site, the info/intro could be a little more explicit about what we should do, so we know why to signup and once signed up what we should do.
That makes sense. I'll add some explicit explanation about that kind of things. Thank you!
I'm amazed that this entire site can be coded in just two lines.
The code will be on GitHub!
Description for HTML::CleanText is breaking site layout!
wao! i'll fix it!
Wow, cool idea and site. Thanks!
I didn't recognize it before. Announce it again somewhere.
It's so much modern and easier than PerlMonks or module-authors mailing list.

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