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Module::Install::PrePAN Designate a URL of PrePAN page of a module



# Makefile.PL
prepan module_url => '',
       author_url => '';


This module just adds URL resources at PrePAN into META.yml. I hope would read metadata from META files and make a link back to PrePAN page from there.

I sent a pull-req to metacpan authors to add a link to PrePAN from metacpan if available.

I wrapped discussion on the problem at below.


Great idea.

Also you should talk to cpan:RJBS and cpan:DAGOLDEN with regards to getting $meta{resources}{PrePAN} added to the META.yml spec.
I've asked a question about that at!
I don't think spec needn't add such `x_foobar' resouce officially, though.

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