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App::ExtractUsed CLI tool to extract used modules from your project



In your project directory,

$ extractused
$ extractused --dir lib --dir t # is equivalent to above
$ extractused --dir bin --skip YourProject
$ extractused --skip YourProject
$ extractused --file lib/ --skip YourProject
$ extractused --perl 5.10.1

$ extractused --help
$ extractused --version


CLI tool for developers who writes products in CPAN module style.

The final task before make dist is writing deps into Makefile.PL. But extracting used modules from your project is tedious and painstaking since we have to recognize what modules are core/non-core modules.

This module helps you to generate Makefile.PL.


$ extractused
requires 'WWW::NicoVideo::Download';
requires 'WWW::YouTube::Download';
test_requires 'Coro';

This software is still alpha-quality. So if you find a problem or you have a suggestion, feel free to open issues, fork or send pull-request on github :)


I wonder whether it can extract modules from such directory structure as below:

- Project/
-- lib/
-- git-submodules/
--- Foo/lib
--- bar/lib
I got the module to work (thanks for help). It is a very good idea and a big help to people like me. I hope you will release it to CPAN soon.
Remembering to run this prior to upload - that's the only issue I can think of. Unless this can be inserted into "make dist" somehow, I would imagine it to be hard to remember to do this every single time. (This is one of the reasons why I started to learn Dist::Zilla - it can do this automatically as part of the "dzil build" and "dzil release" commands.)

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