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Plack::Response::Data Response Content Body Encoder for JSON, XML, YAML, etc.



use Plack::Response::Data;

sub psgi_handler {
    my $env  = shift;
    my $req  = Plack::Request->new($env);

    my $data = { foo => 'bar', qux => [1, 2, 3] };
    my $res  = Plack::Response::Data->new(200)->format('JSON')->data($data);
    return $res->finalize;

# Response:

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Content-Length: 13
Content-Type: application/json



This uses Plack::Response's response content body as a data container to respond a data encoded in JSON, XML, YAML format, etc. This would help you to build an Web API server application in a short code.


Personally I would prefer the PlackX namespace for that.
All the settings that are in methods would be better placed as arguments of `new`.
Also "use base" -> "use parent".

Anyway, I think that a more generic Plack::Middleware module (that would sniff the request header to detect what the client wants, based on the Accept header, and automatically render based on that) would be more helpful. Does it already exists?
See also Plack::ResponseHelper

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