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Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PrePAN Set PrePAN URLs in your meta files



In your dist.ini:

author =
module =


This is based on Module::Install::PrePAN We'd like to have PrePAN links on MetaCPAN and something like this would make it easier for authors using Dist::Zilla to automatically include links back to PrePAN for module discussion.

In your META.json, for example, you'd see something like this:

"resources" : {
  "X_prepan_author" : "",
  "X_prepan_module" : "",
  "bugtracker" : {
     "web" : ""
  "homepage" : "",
  "repository" : {
     "type" : "git",
     "url" : "",
     "web" : ""


Looks good. I'll adjust the keys of MI::PrePAN to it.
I've done it
@kentaro Now we've got a couple of dists to test PrePAN links on MetaCPAN. :)
Hmm, wouldn't it be sweeter if prepan handled normal names somehow? I mean sth like and ? And just a flag like prepan=1 in meta...
It would be nice if the URL weren't obfuscated, but I think there could be cases where the author may change the module name as a side-effect of the PrePAN discussion. In those cases, the URLs as they currently are ensure that the link to the discussion is always valid.

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