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Verilog::VCD::Writer creates VCD waveform files



use Verilog::VCD::Writer;
my $writer=Verilog::VCD::Writer->new(vcdfile=>'test.vcd');
	my $m1=$writer->addModule("Utop"); #Create top level module Utop
	my $m2=$writer->addModule("UDUT"); #Add Submodule UDUT
	my $TX=$m1->addSignal("TX"); #Add TX signal to toplevel
	my $RX=$m1->addSignal("RX",3,0); # Add a vector RX signal
	my $s3=$m1->addSignal("c",3,1);
	my $s4=$m2->dupSignal($RX,"b",0,3); #Duplicate RX from top inside DUT
	my $s5=$m2->dupSignal($TX,"a"); #ditto for TX
	my $s6=$m2->addSignal("cat");
	$writer->writeHeaders(); # Print the VCD header
	$writer->setTime(0); #Set Initial time
	$writer->addValue($TX,0); # Value change on Tx
	$writer->setTime(5); # Increment time to 5
	$writer->addValue($TX,1); #TX Value Change


VCD(Value Change Dump) is the default way of recording waveform information for a HDL(Verilog/VHDL/SystemC/SystemVerilog) simulation.

This module provides an implementation of a VCD Writer.

The module originally started as a quick and dirty perl script to convert the CSV file generated by a logic analyzer into a VCD file.

For the release on CPAN the original code has been heavily modified and cleanedup so as to meet other waveform generation needs.


++ on the name, and on asking about it at PerlMonks even before posting here.
Does anyone know if this name will cause a problem for the PAUSE indexer? There is already a CPAN module named Verilog::VCD. Verilog::VCD::Writer is not related to Verilog::VCD in any way.
Asked on the cpan-testers IRC channel and got the following feedback.

haarg: PAUSE doesn't have an idea of something like "namespaces" that own sub-namespaces. as far as pause cares, Verilog::VCD and Verilog::VCD::Writer have nothing to do with each other.

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