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LDF::Schema Classes that implement Linked Data e.g.



my $data = LDF::Schema::Thing->new(
  id => '',
  name => 'Something',

say $data->json_ld;


I am working on some Perl classes that are auto-generated from class definitions, and can then be used to output json-ld metadata appropriate to the classes (e.g. for embedding in a web page to help search engines index the content).

Eventually I hope to add classes for other data schemes (e.g. "dc", "foaf" etc.) and allow them to be combined.

In the mean time, I am unsure what to call the module. I chose the "LDF::" namespace since it relates to linked data fragments, but I'm not happy with that. I am open to suggestions.


Here's some namespace suggestions: Web::LinkedData, Data::SemanticWeb, Web::Ontology.
There's already a SemanticWeb::OAI namespace, so I think SemanticWeb::Schema would be good.

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