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Win32::Backup::Robocopy This module is a wrapper around robocopy.exe and try to make it's behaviour as simple as possible using a serie of sane defaults while letting you the possibility to leverage the robocopy.exe invocation in your own way.



use Win32::Backup::Robocopy;

my $bkp = Win32::Backup::Robocopy->new(
            name        => 'my_perl_archive',       # mandatory
            source      => 'x:\scripts'             # mandatory
my( $stdout, $stderr, $exit, $exitstr ) = $bkp->run();


The module offers two ways of bakup: the, default, simplest one will copy all files to one folder, named as the name of the backup (the mandatory name parameter used while creating the object). All successive invocation of the backup will write into the same destination folder.

If you instead specify the history parameter as true during construction, then inside the main destination folder ( always named using the name ) there will be one folder for each run of the backup named using a timestamp like 2022-04-12T09-02-36


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