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PostScript::PSjoin wrapper around the script for concatenating postscript documents



Concatenates multiple postscript files

use PSjoin qw( psjoin );


This module is a wrapper around the standalone Perl script "" by Tom Sato. All I did was the minimal set of changes to allow Tom's script to work as a Perl subroutine.

I just realized that the synopsis and description don't explain the handful of options; I'll add those.


It would be better if the variables would be declared later. Especially variables like $i and $j should be declared in the for loops where they are used, but also other variables probably can be declared in a smaller scope.

Currently the only output option is printing to STDOUT. I wonder if it could be useful to have other options, e.g. printing directly to a file or collecting output in a variable (however, the user can do tricks with select STDOUT or using a filehandle which is attached to a scalar variable...)

The exit calls should probably be turned into die calls. One can catch a "die", which is not possible with exit.

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