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WWW::PlantUML A simple remote client interface to a PlantUML server



use WWW::PlantUML;

my $puml = WWW::PlantUML->new;
my $url  = $puml->fetch_url(qq{
   Alice -> Bob : hello
}, 'png');

print $url; 
# prints


  • Plantuml is a library for generating UML diagrams from a simple text markup language.

  • This is a simple Perl remote client interface to a plantuml server using the same custom encoding used by most other plantuml clients. Perl was missing from the list.

  • There are other plantuml Perl libraries, like PlantUML::ClassDiagram::Parse, which provide only parsing capabilities for Class Diagrams. In contrast WWW::PlantUML module provides accessing any UML Diagram Type in various formats supported by any PlantUML server via HTTP/S Protocol.

  • This client defaults to the public plantuml server, but can be used against any server.

  • Read more:

  • See also: UML::PlantUML::Encoder


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