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Metabolomics-FragNot Perl extension for fragment annotation in metabolomics



Metabolomics requires several data processing steps involving signal treatment, statistical analysis (with univariate and multivariate methods) and annotation processes. The Metabolomics::FragNot module is addressing the last step of the data analysis workflow.


The first version allowing to : - create a fragment object - compare theoretical and experimental fragments - build a metabolite|contaminant bank object - produce result ouputs

The documentation and the POD should be reworked. The code is under an internal reviewing process.

This module is a part of a future computational toolbox useful for perl developers working in bioinformatics.


Shouldn't this be under the Bio:: namespace? And FragNot would probably be better spelled at fully as Fragment::Annotation.
The bio::namescape is really genomics... and metabolomics manipulates really different object (chemical compound against gene sequences). The Fragment::Annotation is a good advice.
Ok namespace changed for Metabolomics::Fragment::Annotation and minor bugs fixed

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