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Test2::Plugin::GitHub::Actions::AnnotateFailedTest Annotate failed tests with GitHub Actions workflow command



use Test2::Plugin::GitHub::Actions::AnnotateFailedTest;
use Test::More;

# ...

ok 0; # annotation comes to this line


This is a Test2 plugin that provides annotations for failed tests running in GitHub Actions workflow, using a workflow command. You can use it with use Test2::Plugin::GitHub::Actions::AnnotateFailedTest regardless of running in GitHub Actions workflow or not.


  • Is the name appropriate?
  • Can I publish it to CPAN from current master branch and install successfully? (Are the dependencies enough?)


I published this to CPAN today.
If you're unsure about sufficient dependencies, and you don't want to publish a module as a stable one, then you can still create a developer release, see
And then check the CPAN tester results afterwards.

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