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GitHub: Bas-Man PAUSE ID: BANS

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File::TVShow::Info Extract meta data in TV Show File name

This is a TV Show only module which is aimed at giving extended support compared to Video::Filename.

I have looked around and not found a module similar. I currently use Video::Filename for File::TVShow::Organize

This module would be able support naming in for the forms of:

ShowName.SXXEXX.EpName.resolution.ext ShowName.YYYY.MM.DD.EpName.resolution.ext

It would also able to extract some of the other details in the file name.

One limit is that EpName MUST be directly after episode number

I have made my GitHub Repo public. Please review the development branch if you are interested.

Bas-Man@github 2 comments

File-TVShow-Organize Video file migration module to handle TV Shows.

I wrote this module in order for me automate my personal Video library rip and import work flow.

The idea being that dvds would be ripped into a staging folder. The files would be named according to Season and Episode format. The resulting file would then be moved into the correct show/season folder automatically. This is done as a cron job.

The module's role is to allow someone to create their own programs to to carry out these actions. Taking care of details such as matching show name to destination folder, create the required season folder if it does not exist and calling rsync to migrate the video file to its new home.


This module has been renamed and method names have been changed to snake_case

Bas-Man@github 3 comments