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GitHub: akarelas PAUSE ID: KARJALA Bitbucket: alex_karelas

User's Modules

Carton::Include A module to automatically include the nearest local/ dir

When I want to execute script that uses a cpanfile & Carton, I have to type "carton exec ./" in order to execute it (in order to include the nearest local/ directory in @INC). By creating Carton::Include, and using this module inside my scripts, I can have them automatically search for the nearest local/ directory up the tree and "use lib" that, so I can then execute my script by typing only ./

akarelas@github 1 comment A website that tracks changes in your favorite modules

Not exactly a module, but a site that's useful for module authors. I need some reviews before I blog about it.

This website lets you track changes to your favorite modules. It serves RSS feeds for separate modules, or (if you log in) you get to set up your own group of favorite modules, and create a custom RSS feed consisting of them.

Each feed item contains the new lines from the module's changelog, so you don't need to visit the module's page to see what changed in each new version.

The idea behind the project, is that people whose projects depend on a lot of modules, will be able to see easily & quickly whether one of their dependencies has some new exciting feature and is worth upgrading.

akarelas@github 10 comments