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Protocol::FIX Fix prottocol implementation

Hi, needs full-powered FIX 4.4. protocol. There are a few exising FIX implementations in CPA:




1) is not transport-layer neytral. I.e. it opens underlying socket connections etc. So, it is not suitable for server-side usage, e.g. in conjunction with Mojolicious.

2) Seems just and intention for implementation. It does nothing, as I can see.

3) Is another module, but it provides only encoding, i.e. without any knowledge about Fields, Groups etc.

The new module Protocol::FIX will be constructed on fly from xml description of the protocol ( taken at , targeted at 4.4 version for nwo).

basiliscos@github 0 comments

App::PerlWatcher::Engine Nagios-inspired system tray events desktop watcher / notifier

Hello, this is my first application (and first cpanm module), which I would like to share. Currently it consists of 2 modules Engine and GTK2-Frontend.

PerlWatcher is nagios-inspired system tray events desktop watcher / notifier. It watches the different kind of events (rss updates, weather, stock quotes update, local log files change, network hosts availability etc.) and aggregates them into single viewable dashboard widget .

The more detailed description with screenshot is available on .

After some reviews, I'll put it on CPAN.


basiliscos@github 1 comment