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It is me again

GitHub: byterock PAUSE ID: byterock

User's Modules

Database::Accessor Crud for any DB

This is the name I finally came up with following alot of test and prototype code and the comments from this

I check about on Cpan the name space is free


and is is sort where I want it to be

byterock@github 1 comment

DBIx::DA A CRUD wrapper for databasess

I am right now looking to put it in a differnt namespace.

As I have come to relaise that DBIx is not the place for it as it does not extend DBI at all or wrap very muuch.

Perhaps becuse is will have many Modules under it does it need its own Brand?




Was thinking of thinking of sticking it under


but that is suppose to be for Debug (tough most of the moduels in that space have to do with DB)


might not be a good place as that really deals with the data itself not a DB

Any suggestions??

byterock@github 3 comments