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Print::OrDie "or die $!" Wrappers for print-like core method with configurable die action

Simple wrappers for core print-like methods (print, say, printf). The goal is to avoid using "print or die" since autodie does not work with print.

The "die" action can be configured by importing use_"action". Where "action" can be croak (default), die, carp, cluck, and confess.

Every method has three wrappers (with o/e/at at the end of the names)

The "o" method writes on STDOUT, the "e" method writes to STDERR and the "at" writes to file handle. The "at" methods will require a block, which is anyways the recommended way (according to Perl Best Practices) of passing filehandles when using print-like methods.


use Print::OrDie qw(use_confess sayo saye sayat);

# It will 'confess' if there's some error.  
sayo 'FOOBAR'; # writes "FOOBAR\n" at STDOUT
saye 'FOOBAR'; # writes "FOOBAR\n" at STDERR
sayat {*STDERR} 'FOOBAR'; # same as before
sayat {$my_file_handle} 'FOOBAR'; # writes "FOOBAR\n" at given file handle


use Print::OrDie qw(use_confess sayat printfat);
use autodie;

# It will 'confess' if there's some error.  
open my $fh, '>', 'foobar.txt';
sayat {$fh} 'FOO';
close $fh;
$fh = undef;
printfat {$fh // *STDOUT} 'FOO %s', 'BAR';

Will write "FOO\n" on the 'foobar.txt' file and 'FOO BAR' on the console (STDOUT)


use autodie;
use File::Temp qw( tempfile );
use Print::OrDie qw( use_confess sayat sayo );

my ( $fh, $filename ) = tempfile();
close $fh;

print {$fh} q(); # It will not fail

sayat {$fh} q(); # It will fail

sayo 'finished'; # Will never execute

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