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App::Comment2pod generate pod documentation from comments above functions and package name

I have the started on a little utility which hopefully would increase the amount and quality of documentation in my perlscript and modules.

I did not find anything like this on CPAN, so I put this out here in case this might be handy for someone else.

It is probably more work to be done before this is ready for CPAN (like the name of the module), but I would love some feedback.

The current package contains a script, which could be used as:

cat | comment2doc

The result is written to stdout, so is useful to pipe the result into various utils, i.e

  • pod2man | man -l - see man page
  • pod2markdown
  • podselect

This util will be a nice starting point for further documentation.

The package also comes with a Dist::Zilla plugin

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