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Template::Plugin::Filter::PlantUML A template toolkit plugin filter for encoding and processing PlantUML Diagrams

This is a trivial Template::Toolkit plugin filter to allow any template writer to embed PlantUML Diagram Syntax in Templates and have them encoded and processed via any PlantUML Server in any supported formats.

It uses WWW:PlantUML remote client under the hood.

The author got his inspiration from XSAWYERX's Template::Plugin::xkcd

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WWW::PlantUML A simple remote client interface to a PlantUML server

  • Plantuml is a library for generating UML diagrams from a simple text markup language.

  • This is a simple Perl remote client interface to a plantuml server using the same custom encoding used by most other plantuml clients. Perl was missing from the list.

  • There are other plantuml Perl libraries, like PlantUML::ClassDiagram::Parse, which provide only parsing capabilities for Class Diagrams. In contrast WWW::PlantUML module provides accessing any UML Diagram Type in various formats supported by any PlantUML server via HTTP/S Protocol.

  • This client defaults to the public plantuml server, but can be used against any server.

  • Read more:

  • See also: UML::PlantUML::Encoder

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UML::PlantUML::Encoder Provides PlantUML Language Encoding

  • Plantuml is a library for generating UML diagrams from a simple text markup language.

  • PlantUML defines a standardized way to encode diagram text description to a simple string of characters that contains only digits, letters, underscore and minus character.

  • The goal of such an encoding is to facilitate communication of diagrams through URL (see

  • This encoding includes compression to keep encoded strings as short as possible.

  • Compression is done using Deflate algorithm.

  • Code in PHP, Javascript, Python were readily available on various sources. Perl 5 was missing from the list.

  • Read more: PlantUML Text Encoding

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