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Test::TAPv13 provide TAPv13 support to test scripts

I'm about to upload a module Test::TAPv13

It would allow TAP version 13 features - most prominently embed data in it.

I would like to have some feedback before I upload.

I would appreciate feedback about the typical API thingies:

  • module name ok?
  • function names ok?
  • prefix functions with tap13_ stupid or not?
  • etc.


This module is to utilize TAP version 13 features in your test scripts.

TAP, the Test Anything Protocol, allows some new elements beginning with version 13. The most prominent one is to embed data as indented YAML blocks.

This module automatically declares the TAP first in the TAP stream which is needed to tell the TAP::Parser to actually parse those new features. With some utility functions you then actually include data, etc.

renormalist@github 1 comment