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Web Development Engineer

Twitter: @su_aska GitHub: s-aska URL:

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Plack::Session::State::URI uri-based session state for Plack::Session

ja: ガラケー乙

en: Japanese mobile phones are still alive.

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WebService::Dropbox Perl interface to Dropbox API

WebService::Dropbox is Perl interface to Dropbox API

  • Support Dropbox v1 REST API ( Net::Dropbox::API dose not support v1 )
  • Support Furl ( Net::Dropbox::API use LWP )
  • Streaming IO ( Low Memory. When I try to copy a 250 MB file with Net::Dropbox::API, I see a huge memory usage: above 2.5 GB! )
  • Default URI Escape (path)
    • WebService::Dropbox need a utf8 decoded string.
    • Net::Dropbox::API need uri escape string.

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