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Device::SMBus Interface to talk to I2C bus

This module would usually come in handy when talking to devices connected to development boards like raspberry pi, beaglebone black etc. A rarer use of this might be to directly access device registers in your laptop to monitor things like CPU temperature etc. provided that your motherboard has these devices on the i2c interface. You might have to do some kernel module config modifications to enable the i2c interface however. lookup lists of blacklisted modules in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf or just manually add a module in modprobe if its not automatically loaded.

Once all is set you should be able to access the i2c interface using this module. I would love to see results on development boards that I have not tested this on like beaglebone black, pcduino etc.

Thanks, -Shantanu Bhadoria

shantanubhadoria@github 0 comments