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Dorky middle-aged engineer

GitHub: ttkciar PAUSE ID: TTKCIAR

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Crypt::File::Valet Convenient encrypted I/O

I am the author of File::Valet ( and have need for a module with a similarly convenient way to perform I/O on encrypted files, so I'm writing one. The synopsis shows what I'd like it to look like, but it's not set in stone. The method and function names are chosen to be similar to those of File::Valet, but with "x" used instead of "f" to denote "encrypted" vs "file".

The module would use a caller-provided digest instance, hashed password string, and salt string to encrypt/decrypt the contents of files via a CTR cipher, with random padding before and after the file content, and a convenient way to harden predictable plaintext (via mix method).

When I came to PrePAN, the question I had in mind was "should this be named File::Crypt::Valet or Crypt::File::Valet?" but general comments and suggestions about the proposed module would be welcome as well.

ttkciar@github 2 comments