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Flexnet::lmutil Convenient OO-interface for Flexnet license server utility lmutil

Flexnet::lmutil is a small wrapper around the Flexnet license server utility lmutil, currently implementing the sub-functions lmstat and lmremove. The module parses the output of lmstat and returns an easy-to-use data structure. This makes it easy to work further with lmstat output for e.g. web pages, monitoring plugins etc.

odenbach@github 0 comments

Locale-India Code for state and union territory identification in the India and vice versa.

This module is used for state and union territory identification in the India and vice versa. It uses ISO 3166-2 defined codes for identifying the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1.

manoj7shekhawat@github 1 comment

AnyEvent::Hbase Async HBase thrift API

Internally it's wrapper around Hbase thrift library. API is the same, so you can easily migrate without breaking compatibility and use async calls only where you need it. Original generated Hbase thrift modules is included in this package too.

0x62ash@github 0 comments

Test-JSON-Schema-Acceptance Acceptance testing for JSON-Schema based validators like JSON::Schema

This module allows the JSON Schema Test Suite tests to be used in perl to test a module that implements json-schema. These are the same tests that many modules (libraries, plugins, packages, etc.) use to confirm support of json-scheam. Using this module to confirm support gives assurance of interoperability with other modules that run the same tests in differnet languages.

Relequestual@github 3 comments

Pod::AsciiDoctor Covert from POD to AsciiDoctor

AsciiDoc, as implemented by AsciiDoctor is fast becoming a very popular documentation format. Like Markdown, it is a language to create documention using plain text, from which we can subsequently generate HTML, PDF etc.

Was using Pod::Markdown for a bit of time and felt inspired to create AsciiDoctor converter as well since I use AsciiDoc for a lot of my documentation.

benignbala@github 0 comments

Test::Parse::Crontab::Simple Simple Test Tool of Crontab by Parse::Crontab

Test::Parse::Crontab::Simple is Simple Test Tool of Crontab. It is using Parse::Crontab

If you write execution timing of crontab following below that declaration, test method validate it. If sample is valid , test will pass.

Basically, you have to write sample as below format.

###sample YYYY-MM-DD HH:ii:ss

masartz@github 0 comments

Marathon Perl bindings for the Marathon REST API

geidies@github 0 comments

Catalyst::Model::DBI ADD Option set_names_utf8

Hello all,

I' ve added a option set_names_uft8 in the Config-Hash. This set the SQL-Order "Set names 'utf8' on connect. What you think?

FlorianBogel@twitter 0 comments

WebService::ILS Unified web interface to internet library services APIs

Focused on the e-book distributors, but there's no reason why it cannot be used with the providers of other media that expose API It provides both unified and native interfaces to service providers. It is planned to provide interface for consolidated parallel search with multiple providers in the near future.

srdjan-catalyst@github 0 comments

MemcacheDB::Dump MemcacheDB strage dumper

  • MemcacheDB ( is a KVS designed for persistent.
  • MemcacheDB::Dump is a dumper for the MemcacheDB's backend strage file.

ajiyoshi-vg@github 0 comments