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Gtk3::SourceView Perl bindings for Gtk SourceView widget using Glib::Object::Introspection

Gtk3::SourceView is a simple binding for the Gtk3 SourceView 3.x widget using Gobject::Introspection. The Gtk SourceView widget is for example used by gedit, Anjuta and several other projects.

GtkSourceView extends the standard GTK+ framework for multiline text editing with support for configurable syntax highlighting, unlimited undo/redo, search and replace, a completion framework, printing and other features typical of a source code editor.

For more informations see

You can find the module at

It is my first module and the PAUSE registration eMail strongly encouraged me to discuss my module on PrePAN and to get feedback from experienced Perl developers. Thanks in advance!

MaxPerl@github 0 comments

File::Copy::NoClobber Rename copied files safely if destionation exists

Wrappers around copy() and move() in File::Copy that check if destionation exists, and if so changes the destination name to something available.

torbjorn@github 0 comments

Struct::Path Path lib for nested structures where path is also a structure

There are two main reasosns why such wheel as Path reinvented again:

  1. Existed libs use strings as items indicators, it's possible for collisions to occur. Example: '/a/0/c' may be path for both {a => [{c => x}]} and {a => {0 => {c => x}}}.

  2. There is no module on CPAN (at least I failed to find such) which use perl structure for a path (useful, for example, in JSON conf files, in inter process communications, etc).

Suggestions/critics are welcome =)

mr-mixas@github 0 comments

Linux::RTC::Ioctl Access to the Linux Real Time Clock driver using ioctl requests

Access to Linux Real Time Clock (RTC) device.

Can read/set the RTC date and time, can set an alarm, can generate periodic timer events with a given frequency, can generate events whenever the displayed time changes (on the boundary between seconds).

On most hardware the wake-up alarm can pull the computer out of sleep/stand-by and even power-off, so use this to set-up maintenance tasks over night.

Note the RTC runs in its own time zone (either GMT or local), which the device does not know, so the RTC time may or may not match your local time. Do not use to replace the usual system date and time or timer functions.

Usually needs root access for the device. Any methods are present only if the platform exposes them. Any methods will be successful only if the RTC hardware implements them.

terminatorul@github 0 comments

Graphics::GKS Graphics Kernel System (G.K.S.)

The functionality of GKS is wrapped up as a data model standard in the STEP standard, section ISO 10303-46.

See Also : p5-graphics-gks on jmcveigh's GitHub

This is a completed works, in part, by Jason McVeigh of General Software Contracting and the Linux User Group in Orillia, ON, CA.

12/05/2016 -- imports


## SWIG Library ( // 3.x):

  • exceptions

  • carray

    -- bool_ptr -- char_ptr -- uchar_ptr -- short_ptr -- long_ptr -- float_ptr -- double_ptr

  • cpointer

    -- bool_ptr -- char_ptr -- uchar_ptr -- short_ptr -- long_ptr -- float_ptr -- double_ptr

jmcveigh@github 1 comment

Graphics::VTK Perl Bindings for the VTK Toolkit


I had hoped to use current visualization graphics technologies from Perl 5 in my micro-small business. After forking the EntropyOrg GitHub of Zaki Mughal, I was able to bring the namespaces vst, vst.util and vst.util.colors to Perl from the official KitWare Python bindings for VTK 6.2.

The current CPAN module for Graphics::VTK is outdated.

This method, using Inline::Python will keep Graphics::VTK ( fresh for the foreseable future as it is based on the official KitWare Python bindings.

The current version of VTK is 7.0. My testing is with 6.2 as this is the Fedora 23 (my operating system) stable distribution. Official KitWare Python bindings are also available for VTK 7.0.

p5-graphics-vtk on jmcveighs GitHub

jmcveigh@github 1 comment

Inky Inky templates, in Perl

"Zurb Foundation" has created a nice little HTML superset, called "inky", specifically suited for the creation of HTML emails. It abstracts away some parts of an HTML email which are repeated many times in an email, such as columns or row - or parts which are difficult to get right across mail clients, such as vertical spacers.

This repository is a straight "port" into Perl from their JS/NPM version at

mfontani@github 0 comments

Struct::Diff Recursive diff tools for nested perl structures

Hi all,

I think module will be useful for those writing programs like sync dumpfile < - > API, diff visualizers and so on.

Extra examples:


Thanks =)

mr-mixas@github 0 comments

OS::CheckUpdates::AUR pacman (Arch Linux Package Manager) has "checkupdates" for repo, this is for AUR

3ed@github 9 comments

Games-LatticeGenerator A lattice generator for cut&fold.

The above code will create six PNG images in the current directory, which can be cut and fold together to form a "spaceship". This is a randomized 3D object (not completely random, though, there is some symmetry). It is useful mainly for kids. You may see the result of a similar program at:


Is the name OK? Can I use the "Games" namespace?

pawel_biernacki@twitter 0 comments