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Test::Diff_DBI Module to compare SQL result sets

Provides an easy method for detailed (or summarized) source vs target comparison SQL. The source and target can be on any two databases as long as DBI connection is possible. Results sets are batched using the DBI fetchall_arrayref routine's batching feature. This both avoids memory problems and ensures diff output results are shown and test run terminated as soon as differences are discovered.

This is useful for automated detailed functional testing of large volume data integration/migration applications. The actual comparison is done by the Test::Differences module.

The module can be accompanied by a CLI driver utility script to supply command line arguments for eg run-time database changes and single entity comparisons

Is this OK? Or should a sample driver script just be included in the documentation?


Assumes the DBI database connection info is stored in environment variables of the form:


where DB is going to be replaced with the DB key in the test case .yml file.


Strings of the form


are replaced with their values in the TAGS.yml file. This supports re-usable SQL, to embed for example a subselect returning the current business period, thereby making test cases time-invariant

Temp tables

SQL can be divided into distinct SELECT statements separated by semi-colons to enable the use of intermediate temp tables. The last SQL statement is expected to provide the source result set that will be compared to the target.

maraisf@twitter 0 comments

SxGeo SxGeo database parser

This module parse Sypex Geo databases and allow to get geo information for IP.


klopp@github 2 comments

No::OrgNr A Perl module for validating Norwegian organizations' ID numbers

This is a small module, containing a single function "orgnr_ok".

All feedback are welcome, as this is my first CPAN module.

Should the No:: namespace be used for modules related to Norwegian? We already have the related modules No::KontoNr and No::PersonNr.

geirmyk@github 0 comments

IO::File_Functions A perl module for File I/O, Locking and Other Operations

A perl module for File I/O, Locking and Other Operations. Includes the followiing functions..

@EXPORT = qw(file_errors &file_appended &file_new &file_open &file_open_rw &file_close &file_slurp &file_write); @EXPORT_OK = qw(&file_lock &file_unlock &file_append &file2hash &hash2file);

vertigan@github 6 comments

Image::Libpuzzle XS interface to the libpuzzle image signature library

It's my first XS module. Please don't be gentle. I created it because there is a PHP interface for libpuzzle but not, surprisingly, a Perl one.

This XS module provdes access to the most common functionality provided by Libpuzzle,

It also includes some pure Perl helper methods users of Libpuzzle might find helpful when creating applications based on it.

Image::Libpuzzle now on CPAN with a very low version number.

Thank you.

estrabd@github 0 comments

Try::Tiny::Warnings Catch warnings as well as errors

Does it already exist in any other form? There is Test::Warnings, which is close, but for testing.

yanick@github 0 comments

Sys::Stats Multi-platform, pure perl, system statistics gathering.

As the saying goes : "If it's not monitored, it doesn't exist."

At $dayjob, I have to make sure that several servers work properly. Even if it's mostly Linux boxes, I would categorized this as a heterogeneous environment : various Linux distributions, and for each various versions, some with a compiler tool suite, some without, some with root access, some without.

And I have to make sure that all of them run smoothly.

There are many modules on CPAN already to achieve this task, but they either focus on one type of statistics (load average, or disk usage, or network traffic), or require some exotic compiled libraries, or are just too complicated for my taste.

Hence, this module : I tried to gather the statistics that I need the most, group them under one dead simple API regardless of the system underneath, and push it on Github.

I plan to add more systems (Mac OSX would be a nice addition), and add a few more stats.

Comments welcome.

Thank you

GeJ@github 0 comments

Flexnet::lmutil Convenient OO-interface for Flexnet license server utility lmutil

Flexnet::lmutil is a small wrapper around the Flexnet license server utility lmutil, currently implementing the sub-functions lmstat and lmremove. The module parses the output of lmstat and returns an easy-to-use data structure. This makes it easy to work further with lmstat output for e.g. web pages, monitoring plugins etc.

odenbach@github 0 comments

Locale-India Code for state and union territory identification in the India and vice versa.

This module is used for state and union territory identification in the India and vice versa. It uses ISO 3166-2 defined codes for identifying the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1.

manoj7shekhawat@github 1 comment

AnyEvent::Hbase Async HBase thrift API

Internally it's wrapper around Hbase thrift library. API is the same, so you can easily migrate without breaking compatibility and use async calls only where you need it. Original generated Hbase thrift modules is included in this package too.

0x62ash@github 0 comments