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Not exactly a module, but a site that's useful for module authors. I need some reviews before I blog about it.

This website lets you track changes to your favorite modules. It serves RSS feeds for separate modules, or (if you log in) you get to set up your own group of favorite modules, and create a custom RSS feed consisting of them.

Each feed item contains the new lines from the module's changelog, so you don't need to visit the module's page to see what changed in each new version.

The idea behind the project, is that people whose projects depend on a lot of modules, will be able to see easily & quickly whether one of their dependencies has some new exciting feature and is worth upgrading.


Looks promising and is certainly a good idea. I would like to see other options besides Facebook and Google for logging in - openID perhaps?

Do you also have plans to look farther back? If you could go back 12-24 months from now that would help initial traction.

The RSS feed doesn't currently validate (according to w3c, eg:

Otherwise, looks good, is pretty fast and intuitive.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll certainly do something about all of them.

What do you think about emailing users a daily alert of new versions? (for if and when such new versions exist) I mean that as a tickable option, not for everyone. Would that be useful to many people?
Yes, I think that would be a very useful optional feature - especially for module developers who would want to test against freshly released dependencies.
I fixed all three: I added "login with Github" (and currently adding "login with Twitter"), the history goes back 2 years from now, and all of the RSS feeds now validate.
This would be useful if it could pull one’s starred modules from MetaCPAN instead of maintaining them manually in two places.

(In fact my instinct would have been to try to patch MetaCPAN to add this feature, instead of making a new site…)
ap@github, MetaCPAN doesn't currently allow ordinary non-author users to pull their favorites through the API, but I'm working on it with them.
Thank you for great site.

Another tiny request: would be nice to have a title on '/viewfeed/distro/Module-Name' as link to metacpan.
And yes more integration with metacpan would nice also.
akarelas: as you wish :)
for me the distribution's page is good enough
bor@github, I agree, I will do something like that.
Released it, and blogged about it:

Anyone wanting email alerts can use a service like "feed my inbox"

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