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Net::EPP::Registry::Nominet Net::EPP::Simple subclass to handle Nominet's extended EPP schemas



    use Net::EPP::Registry::Nominet;

    my $epp = Net::EPP::Registry::Nominet->new (
        user    =>  'MYTAG',
        pass    =>  'mypass'
    ) or die ('Could not login to EPP server: ', $epp->get_error);

    my $dom = '';
    if ($epp->check_domain($dom) == 1) {
        print "Domain $dom is available\n" ;
    } else {
        my $info = $epp->domain_info($dom);
        my $res  = $epp->renew_domain ({
            name         => $dom,
            cur_exp_date => $info->{exDate},
            period       => 5
        if ($res) {
            print "$dom renewed; new expiry date is $res\n";
        } else {
            warn "Unable to renew $dom: " . $epp->get_reason;


Nominet is the organisation in charge of domain names under the .uk TLD. Historically it used cryptographically signed email communications with registrars to provision domains (and still does). More recently (since 2010) it has instituted an EPP system which is sufficiently different from standard EPP that none of the standard modules will work seamlessly with it.

This module exists to provide a client interface to the Nominet EPP servers. It is a subclass of Net::EPP::Simple and aims to adhere closely to that interface style so as to act as a drop-in replacement.

The module name was suggested by the author of Net::EPP::Simple with the intention that any other registry-specific modules will also come under the Net::EPP::Registry::* namespace.


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