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Amazon::Credentials read AWS credentials from file, instance metadata, container, env



my $creds = Amazon::Credentials->new;

my $creds = Amazon::Credentials->new({order => [qw/file role env/]});


While PAWS is a wonderful project, it has a lot of dependencies. I've found myself trying to use slimmer Perl modules for interacting with AWS...along the way a need arises to provide the AWS credentials tuple, hence Amazon::Credentials which attempts to find those in the various places they should be found.

Might be a module somebody needs, might not. So, some questions for the community:

  • Do folks want a slimmer set of AWS APIs or is alignment with boto3 more important?
  • Does anyone still use some of the AWS CPAN modules or is all development being down with PAWS?
  • Any feedback on the module in any event would be appreciated.


Hi! Paws author here. I think it’s a good idea, although what I’d try is to isolate away the modules that Paws uses, and make Paws depend on the new Credentials module. We can work together on a appropriate interface if you like.
would certainly welcome that!

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