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Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ReleaseToDarkpan Dist::Zilla plugin to release to a local "darkpan"



In dist.ini:

darkpan = '~/darkpan'
create_if_missing = 0


Sometimes we create a Perl module for our private use that we are not ready or not able to release to CPAN. The utility cpan-mirror-tiny lets us create a private CPAN repositoy on our local filesystem to store such packages we can then use in our own projects.

This plugin gives you the ability to automate this task when you run "dzil release". Use this plugin instead of UploadToCPAN.


Looks interesting. I currently do (more or less) this:

-remove = UploadToCPAN

run = orepan2-inject %a ~/darkpan

I'd love to see this on CPAN

(minor nitpick: your synopsis should use '=' instead of '=>' to specify the plugin attributes)
Thank you!

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