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SMS::Send::RedSMS SMS::Send driver to send messages via



    use SMS::Send;
    my $api = SMS::Send->new('RedSMS',
        _login    => 'your login',
        _api => 'your api key',
        _sender => 'your approved sender name',

    my $sent = $api->send_sms(
        'to'             => '+70001234567',
        'text'           => 'This is a test message'

    # Did the send succeed.
    if ( $sent ) {
        print "Message sent ok\n";
    } else {
        print 'Failed to send message: ', $@, "\n";

    # Get info about the last sent sms
    my $info = $api->{OBJECT}->{status};

    # Get sms-id of the last sent sms
    print $api->{OBJECT}->{status}->{id};

    # Show your balance
    print $api->balance();

    # Get sms delivery status
    $status = $api->status('sms-id 1', 'sms-id 2', ..., 'sms-id N');
    print $status->{'sms-id 1'};

    # Show error text of the last failed operation
    # Caution: in Russian (as is a Russian-oriented service)!
    print $@;


SMS::Send driver for RedSMS -

This is not intended to be used directly, but instead called by SMS::Send (see synopsis above for a basic illustration, and see SMS::Send's documentation for further information).

The driver uses the RedSMS HTTP API mechanism ( version) with JSON.

Be aware! The driver is intended only for (not version of API.


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