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BookBot Collates text files into a single file




Asking for wisdom on whether or not an application should go on CPAN. I write science fiction, and keep each scene in a text file. BookBot collates the files into one larger file, and inserts section break markers that can be replaced with page breaks in LibreOffice. Future state includes LaTeX output, grade level reporting, and repeated word counts.

Is that something anyone besides me finds useful?


Sounds like something most templating systems can do, and perl has lots of those.
Yes, absolutely! Other people will find it interesting even if they don't have a particular use for it. If it's something you're working on for fun, toss it up!
Please don't create a top-level namespace just for this. We already have "Book" and "Text" which might suit. Also, it isn't clear why you have "Bot" in the name since this does not seem to be a bot in the usually-understood sense (cf. WWW::BookBot which really is like a bot).

Perhaps Book::Collate or Book::Assemble or something along those lines would be more appropriate?
openstrike: agreed! Finding the proper namespace is one of the tasks. :)
Book::Collate it is! Now I need to learn how to build a good module. :)
Code is live on github, and works. For a simple definition of "works". Looking for critique and issues that need tracking.

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