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Perl programmer, at Momoiro Clover-side, and the administrator of this website.

Twitter: @kentaro GitHub: kentaro PAUSE ID: KENTARO URL:

User's Modules

Data::Mapper An implementation of Data Mapper Pattern described in PofEAA

Data::Mapper is an implementation of Data Mapper Pattern described in PofEAA, written by Martin Fowler, and is kind of a ORM, but not limited only to it, that is, this module just relates some data to another; for example, data from a database to Perl's objects.

This module, actually, merely defines a simple convention how to make relations between some data to another, and now has only one adapter implementation: Data::Mapper::Adapter::DBI.

See for details.

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Module::Install::PrePAN Designate a URL of PrePAN page of a module

This module just adds URL resources at PrePAN into META.yml. I hope would read metadata from META files and make a link back to PrePAN page from there.

I sent a pull-req to metacpan authors to add a link to PrePAN from metacpan if available.

I wrapped discussion on the problem at below.

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HTML::ValidationRules Extract Validation Rules from HTML5 Form Elements

Even if we validate user inputs on client-side according to client-side form validation spec. defined in HTML5, we still need do same thing on server-side. It results that there're redundant validation rules around. How about regarding client-side form validation as some common format for describing validation rules both for client-side and server-side?

This distribution consists of 2 parts modules below:

  • HTML parser to extract validation rules from given HTML file/string.
  • Plugin for existing validation module (now for FormValidator::Simple because I usually use it).

This module has been kinda proof-of-concept thing yet.

  • Too few supports of attributes defined in HTML5 now.
  • I'm planning to write plugin except FV::S, for example, FormValidator::Lite).

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LWP::UserAgent::Chained Chained interface for LWP::UserAgent

It might be simple and useful for LWP::UserAgent if it has chained API. How do you feel?

It's been just a vaporware now (the repository above is empty).

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Amon2::Auth::Site::Hatena Hatena Auth integration for Amon2

Amon2::Auth handler for Hatena auth (Hatena OAuth Spec.).

It might be better for the code to be directly in Amon2::Auth distribution. Should I send a pull-req rather than creating such an independent distribution? > @tokuhirom

  • TODO
    • tests (but, what the best practice on that kind of test?)
    • document

See also:

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Acme::Poet Poem repository on CPAN

CPAN is now poem repository.

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PrePAN This Site

Please give me your feedsbacks!!1

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