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Constant::Exporter Constant::Exporter - define and export constants easily


Constant::Exporter is a module to define and export constants easily.

This module adopts Exporter's full functionality so you can import constants with default constants, tags or only selected constants.



Constant names in EXPORT and EXPORT_TAGS will be exported by default.


Constant names in EXPORT_OK and EXPORT_OK_TAGS will not be exported by default. You can import these constants by feeding arguments to your constant class.

punytan@github 2 comments

App::ExtractUsed CLI tool to extract used modules from your project

CLI tool for developers who writes products in CPAN module style.

The final task before make dist is writing deps into Makefile.PL. But extracting used modules from your project is tedious and painstaking since we have to recognize what modules are core/non-core modules.

This module helps you to generate Makefile.PL.


$ extractused
requires 'WWW::NicoVideo::Download';
requires 'WWW::YouTube::Download';
test_requires 'Coro';

This software is still alpha-quality. So if you find a problem or you have a suggestion, feel free to open issues, fork or send pull-request on github :)

punytan@github 3 comments

DBIx::Foo sql generator + DBI

DBIx::Foo was inspired by DBIx::Simple, DBIx::Sunny and DBIx::Simple::Inject. (I don't name this yet, so Foo)

You can generate SQL and operate CRUD in a single statement.

Returned values are NOT blessed!

You can use SQL::Abstract and SQL::Maker to generate SQL.

local $DBIx::Foo::db::Generator is not cool, I think. Any proposal?

punytan@github 2 comments

sane provide sane default pragmas

use strict; use warnings; use utf8; use feature (sprintf(":%vd", $^V));

is too long for perl mongers!

punytan@github 12 comments